Astrid Task/Todo List to Manage your Daily Stuff

Astrid is an elegant new to-do list application for Android that helps people become more effective at getting things done. It features reminders, tags, sync, a widget, smart task sorting, hiding tasks and more. Simple enough to not get in your way but powerful enough to actually help you get stuff done.

Astrid Task Todo List Android App is an award winning app by Lifehacker, Mashable, GigaOM, Engadget and others. It starts work once you start tapping around in it. Exploring the Edit screens opens up the full capabilities for the app. It’s useful if you want to attempt to keep your busy mobile life organized.

Astrid TAsk/Todo List Features:

Astrid Task Todo List Android App is loaded with tasks management features.

  • Synchronize with Remember the Milk.
  • Synchronize with Google tasks and even with Gmail.
  • Synchronize with (free way share lists and assign tasks!)
  • Syncs with
  • Custom Filters and fun reminders

Astrid Task/Todo List deep Details:

User Base: 2 Million plus Android app downloads
File Size: 19MB
Prices: Free for Android
User Ratings: 4.5+
Download Links: Android | iOS

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