Slacker Radio:Android Apps For Listening Personalized Radio

Slacker, this apps is used for listening personalized radio. After installing this you listen over hundred radio station and you can also build your own radio station containing billions of songs. With the help of this you can listen your favourite station song on your android phone while you are not connected with wireless or wi-fi connection because with the help of this you can store your favourite song on your mobile or android phone.

After install this you can search songs, artist ,albums on slacker. you can create your personal station,and search all new station simply browsing in radio station.


  1. It’s totally free ,you can download millions of song from it.
  2. It gives you ten times music compare to the nearest radi station.
  3. With the help of this you can create your your own custom station.
  4. You can enjoy live music even you are not connected to WI-FI.

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