Shazam:Android App To Share Music With Your Friends

Shazam is an apps in which you are tag unlimited people to share ,like more music, more pictures ,everything. Those people can share music which are tagged in. so more and more people you tagged you can share music with more peoples.

This App have two versions in the market:

Shazam is absolutely free,in this apps you tag unlimited people ,by tagging you can share music with the people who you there is no limits that how much people you tagged.

This app preview now available only in  US, UK, Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland.

The second version of shazam is Encore.Encore is the paid  version of this comes with special features and ad-free experience.

It’s cost depending on location. Location means how far this device from Android Market and Amazon app store. it’s available in 32 countries .it’s local language versions are available in English, Czech, Polish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Russian, Japanese and Korean.

Download this apps from Android Market.

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