Robo Defense:Android Apps

Robo defense is the apps in which you open maps, upgrades and with nice graphics.

In this full version it provide 5 maps and in each map it have different difficulty levels and unlimited upgrades and nice graphics.


It have 2 versions.

  1. Free version-: it’s also available in market. new user first use free version .free version is automatic import on full version you want to choose the upgrade.
  2. Premier version-: for this you should pay some amount of money.


There are some device companies like HTC Desire, Galaxy S, Atrix  which make better this apps.
Performance tips: while playing this game if you feel that game is continue sluggishly, you should try the game in fully ”zoomed in ”.you should turn off the “HD graphics Mode”,


New Features:

-in this  new model it added Flare unlock.

Bug Fixes:

-On Galaxy S2 fixes sound stability.

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