Lenovo is Cooking a 5-inch Android Tablet

In this age of high-end computing device, every big and established electronic product manufacturing company is in market with smartphones, tablet computers and e-book reader. Lenovo is also trying hard to gain benefit from this trend. After a leaked news that Lenovo is working on a 10.1-inch tablet there is another breaking stuff here. Now Lenovo is working on a dual-core 5-inch Android powered tablet.

<Image credit Engadget>

Rumors says that this tablet will be named as IdeaTab worldwide. The reason behind choosing this name is to retain Lenovo product line-up as company’s laptop were named as IdeaPad.

Lenovo refuses to give any clue regarding specifications of this device. But as per leaked images this device may have front-facing camera, HDMI output, a micro USB port and three capacitive buttons. This is not confirmed that this tablet would have voice call facility or not.

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