Iris (Alpha): Android Apps

Iris is the inverse of “siri” and siri is the feature of iPhone .  The function of iris is to intracts with you in voice.

Few months back when you type on “Google searched” and get the answer. But with this apps you simply “ask “ iris .  she will answering you by talking to you .she will answering you ranging from culture, science general knowledge,history,etc.

For the use iris first you install “Voice Search” and “TTS library” in your phone.but now in new phones these are pre installed ,if these are no pre install then install them from Android market.

The following action perform with the help of Voice Actions

–  you can Call someone
– you send Text someone
-you  Search something (on the web)
– you Lookup for a contact

User Interface :

Ice cream Sandwich

Recent changes:
– fix Crashes and problems with Android 2.1.

– Improved conversation ability

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