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GO Launcher is one of the most popular apps of android . now it’s extended version is also in the market. It supports all kinds of themes , operations and many practical utilities. You feel a fresh and extraordinary mobile operation experience after using it.


–          It provides you thousands of themes which is free downloaded.

–          It provides many feature widgets such as GO Calendar and GO Clock.

–          provide fancy home screen

–           Give Smooth flipping

–            it’s a GUI Widget

–          For categorizing apps it build user-defined folder.




  1. Give shortcut of GO Launcher(Long press home Screen–Shortcut-Go Launcher).
  2. It fixed the problem between Synchronize home folder and app draw folder.
  3. With the help of this you change app icon on dock

4.   With the help of this You can browse folder on dock bar .

5.    you add 3D transition in your android phone for vertical continuous scrolling.

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