Gmote Apps ,A Remote Control For A Computer: Android Apps

Gmote apps provides your phone a remote control for a computer.Using this apps allows you to run movies, songs from a distance. It provides your android phone into a remote control for any laptop. It have all features as in remote control, you can play, fast forward,volume, brightness controls,etc. it also support file browser  so that you select which folder you want to active.

There are simply three steps to install gmote apps into your android phone.

Step #1

Firstly you download the Gmote client and install them from you android set.

Step #2

After installing Gmote client into your android set ,you download Gmote Server.

into your computer.

step #3

In the final step you activate Gmote from your android  and connect to the server.


You have to download sufficient package for your operating system on the computer.

Set up

When you set up this app you will see password(encrypted) prompt .on entering password for safety so that only you can access server from your phone. The same password you also enter in your phone. It provide a facility to change password later on by right clicking on gmote server icon.

In the final step windows tell gmote that where files are stored in your laptops or desktops. taking this information you can access those files from your phone.

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