Get ‘Need For Speed Hot Pursuit’ free with Samsung Galaxy S II

EA Sports, leader in multi platform games, present Samsung Galaxy S II users with a free copy of its most famous car racing game Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit. Game can be download from Samsung App Store for a price of $6.99 only. But for Samsung Galaxy S II users it is available free of cost for a week.

NFS-HP is among the most played and loved racing game ever. Last week EA Sports launched new version of Need For Speed – The Run. This game is enrich with excellent visual effects, smoother control and high performance cars.

Game is not available in all regions for free. To resolve this problem, you will need to download and install Market Enabler on your phone (works only on rooted handsets) and then change the region of your device to UK, Germany or Italy.

The application size is only 7.7 MB, but you need to download approximately 590MB of additional game data to play this game. Without this additional data you won’t be able to play this game on your Android device. After downloading application you can download this additional data anytime at your ease i.e. at the moment or later even if free period ended.

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