ExZeus Arcade:Android Apps

Taking support from NVIDIA TEGRA & MALI CHIPSET ExZeus ArcadeĀ  stop your phone power.

Features :

hundreds perish on an average per day. Who survive they create gossips on ‘Diadora’. diadora is the alien entity.the council ordered survivor to attack diadora.


ExZeus Android Apps Review:

Pros & Cons:

Pros :

In this game there are 12 enemies and 5 leaders.

In every stage if you hit bonus system then your power increases.

To upgrade your weapons and build strategy there is a shop.

You experience 3D sound while playing this.

It provides you 16 channels with 3D sound.

For controlling your robot it provide accelerometer.

It also provide full tutorial in animated form.

you have replay it infinite no of times.
Cons :

This game is only for high range android handsets.

It needs Wi-Fi and SD Card .

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