Dolphin :Android Apps ,Most Intelligent Mobile Web Browser

Dolphin, it’s a fast web browser for Android 2.0.1+. Using this browser you feel some excitement .It’s presented by Mobotap. it’s the most powerful and elegant compare to other browser it’s more intelligent mobile give permission you to browse and engage with the web to your mobile device.

For this 1 quotation is fit most that “ Smart Phone, Clever Browsing!”

Advantage of Dolphin over to other browers.

  1. Add-on
  2. Gestures
  3. Webzine
  4. Multi-touch Pinch Zoom
  5. Tabbed browsing
  6. Sideba
  7. Speed Dial
  8. Smart Address Bar
  9. Bookmark Folder

10.  User Agent

11.  Colorful theme pack

12.  Your Languages supported

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