Buffy: Smartphone by Facebook

A buzz hits internet last month that Facebook is planning to launch its own Smartphone. Now a confirm news is out with the same issue and it says that Facebook in partnership with HTC is preparing smartphone that has the social network integrated at the core of its being.

Code-named “Buffy” the phone is being planned to run on a modified version of Android that Facebook tweaked heavily to deeply integrate its services and support HTML5 as a platform for applications. The use of HTML5 makes a lot of sense for Facebook, applications created for the device could be quickly ported to the website and visa versa. A Facebook spokesman declined to direct comment on Buffy but he gives a signal that it is not a rumor but reality.

The main reason behind developing this kind of smartphone is Facebook’s 350 million active mobile users. Facebook for mobile is one of the most popular applications on nearly every phone for which it is available. This will help Facebook to develop collaboration with hardware makers looking to create more socially-oriented phones.

This phone would have feature to see friends update as they arrive, upload their own photos directly from the picture capturing app. Users can also add their Facebook friends to address book. It is also reported that smartphones will be decorated in the style of Facebook using the logo and color scheme social network.

This can be seen as a promotional stunt or a fight of survival in social media market.

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