Asphalt HD:Android Apps

Asphalt creates boom in android apps. You may feel amazing 3D volumes of your best   vehicles by your name like (Lamborghini, Ford ,Kawasaki, ,etc.)

Asphalt Android Game Review:

Pros & Cons:


  • It have marvellous 3D  racing game…
  • Many players play together this game online.
  • It’s thrilling, challenging race.
  • Nice graphics and 3D sound.


  • During playing session it jerks many times.
  • You should not play thios on lower android phones.



It’s a 3D game for Android. In this game the goal is to win and earn prize for maintain your vechile so that in future race you will give some extra power to your vehicles like (faster,cooler,etc.)

Gripe Alert:

Playing game is not easy in low configure android phones. It’s many times create problem like laggy and jerks.

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