“AppBrain” Android Apps,How It’s Used In Android Phones

AppBrain helps you to directly install apps from the web after installing the “fast web install”. AppBrain is the carrier between desktops and android phones . when you browse android market in AppBrain.com, find out spam apps, the AppBrain app will download everything that you mark .

To enable AppBrain you just follow these simpe steps in your android phone .

1. Firstly you download  “Fast Web Install” from the android market .

2. When you downloading “Fast Web Install”  it ask you to “install” this Apps.

3. While you click on install button one window will be open and give instruction that “It asks permission to push application to your phone .AppBrain will never access to your google account. We can access through a login token . you can’t access this token directly if you using old android phone. You can use it after filling google account credentials.”

4. So if you have not an account then simply sign up for getting an account ,otherwise you just simply sign in for that process .sign in link will blink on top of the right side

5. Be sure that the “AppBrain” App is installed on your phone .open this app, go to “manage my apps” and hit the “sync with AppBrain” button.

6. Now it’s done For trial click  “install” button on any app page . Your download will automatically start.

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