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3(Cubed )music player ,it’s the beta version of the 3(aka cubed) music player . it’s absolutely free. You can get it from from AndroidTapp.com

3 (Cubed) Music Player Review:

Advantage :

You experience nice spin on music player.


  • Finding this apps by name is to difficult in the market . so you need to scan QR codes or search “Cubed Music Player”.
  • While listening the song if you use wired earphone to control the music, then this apps start the default music player when you changes those controls, so by using this apps you have two music players going.


By using this apps you experiences a 3D twist on the music player for android phones. Play in either portrait or landscape mode (if you have the setting).it supports  standard player, Playlists, Shuffle, etc. all features on your phone. except this it give ability to grab album cover art in your music library.

There are four viewing modes:

  • 3D cubed interface
  • Wall
  • Boring
  • Morph Flow

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