Samsung says Apple’s $8bn Yearly Spend Stopped it Pursuing Patent Fees

Apple spend nearly $8BN a year on Samsung parts and manufacturing. What’s the betting that negotiations to reduce this weren’t going to well. I think this lawsuit is just another negotiating tool… “knock 10% off what we already pay, and we’ll make the lawsuit go away” sort of thing.

As part of its legal battle with smartphone and tablet rival Apple, Samsung reiterated its desire to seek a global sales ban on the upcoming iPhone 5, also admitting that it did not pursue patent licensing fees from the Cupertino-based company because of its huge investment in Samsung components, it was revealed on Wednesday.

It appears that Apple’s partnership with Samsung to manufacture its processors, fabricate its display panels and provide Flash and DRAM memory kept the Korean electronics giant from pursuing patent licensing fees on its wireless patents, technologies that the company has filed a lawsuit to protect in The Netherlands.

Yonhap News reports that Samsung could “throw down the gauntlet” over Apple’s new iPhone, which is expected to be unveiled on October 4, according to a senior vice president who wished to remain anonymous, adding “it is true that Apple was free-riding on our mobile technologies.”

So far, Samsung has not asked Apple for licensing fees on the mobile patents in question because Apple contributes some 10 trillion won in revenues for Samsung every year.

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