MobileMinder App Launches to help parents Focuses On Their Kids From a Far

The convergence of television, social and Internet will result in 3x growth this decade in the $400 billion global advertising industry. Online and mobile social platforms have matured during the last few years to cumulatively capture billions of users. MobileMinder is a new service that has just launched, designed to help parents keep an eye on their children via a Web app that works in conjunction with a child’s phone to keep a watch on what they’re up to in a number of innovative ways.

Beyond simply showing the child on a map, MobileMinder offers a feature that allows a child to send a call for help when they’re lost. This sends the child’s location on a map to the parent or an older sibling’s phone so they can help the child get to safetly. A ‘geofence’ can be set up, allowing alerts to be sent when a child strays from a certain area.

MobileMinder is an Irish startup, a product of mm Technologies which took part in the Propeller accelerator in Dublin earlier this year. We imagine that the app will probably work best with children of an age when they use a mobile phone but aren’t quite old enough to rebel against parental snooping.

It’s likely that the locked down way that iOS works precludes an iPhone version, although children are far more likely to be carrying a phone running one of the other operating systems anyway.

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