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Here are some more android Apps in the previous post we reveal some android apps but few of them are remaining so in this post we cover some of them.These are the best Android Apps in the market nearly 60. We added new and old Apps .Put them into a list of incredible apps. We believe this is the best collection of android Apps.


With this Apps user can listen radio station from various markets with iheartradio. In this apps user listen to your local radio,also listen your favourite station in another city on one recording artist.


Pandora itself creates personal radio streaming stations. It creates a station based on beatles. With the help of Pandora we create Pandora bookmark songs, mixes multiple stations and find links to easy song purchasing.

Rhapsody ($9.99 a month)

This is impossible to stream any of 10 million songs to your android phone without the  Rhapsody . with the help of this artist play full albums, and playlist the deal.


It’s  uses for matching the song with its massive library and returns the artist,song title, and album information .

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