Windows Phone Apps Will Run On Windows 8, Says NVIDIA

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang believes Windows Phone 7 apps will run on Windows 8.

Huang made the claims in an interview with CNET on Tuesday. The Nvidia boss explained that his company is one of the only serious providers of chips to consumer electronics manufacturers. “We’re the only person actively on the dance floor with Qualcomm,” he said. Huang also discussed the importance of mobile.

Microsoft is currently unifying the Windows 8, Xbox and Windows Phone user interface into a standard view that includes bright and colourful live tiles. Microsoft is believed to be working on a common development platform that will unite applications across the TV, desktop and phone.

Silverlight could be at the heart of Microsoft’s plans to unite all three screens across a cloud. Silverlight is the application development platform for Windows Phone 7. Developers use it to access the hardware aspects of Windows Phone devices and native phone functionality. Silverlight can also use the XNA framework and access Xbox LIVE.

Windows 8 running on ARM will have the problem of incompatibility with x86 software, the bulk of the millions of Windows applications.   Having compatibility with Windows Phone 7 applications will give the app store an immediate jump start, with applications already designed for mobile and touch.  Rumours however of the user interface not being Silverlight based has however poured some cold water on the idea.

Microsoft threw its weight behind HTML5 in Windows 8 by revealing that its new Start Screen will be powered by HTML5 and JavaScript based web apps. Microsoft failed to mention Silverlight but this has to be an important part of Windows 8. The software giant is believed to be readying a new application model codenamed “Jupiter” that will allow developers to create Silverlight based applications, deployed as AppX packages (.appx). The packages will be part of a new Windows application store, pre-installed with Windows 8. If Huang’s comments ring true then we’re about to witness a strong convergence of applications across the TV, desktop and phone.

We expect a lot will be clarified in the Microsoft BUILD conference next week, running from the 13th to the 16th September.

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