“We’re not going to get the iPhone 5 this year” : T-Mobile CMO

Bad news T-Mobile customers: you may have to cross the iPhone 5 off of your holiday wish list. According to a leaked document from T-Mobile’s OneVoice intranet, Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman has unequivocally said that T-Mobile will not get the iPhone 5 this year.


At a town hall meeting for employees, Cole Brodman, the Chief Marketing Officer of T-Mobile, is quoted as saying that “we are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year,”

It’s almost certain that one of those smartphones is going to be their Qualcomm-powered Galaxy S II variant, but the other is still shrouded in mystery. Leaked images showed off an impressive device called the HTC Amaze 4G that was reportedly meant to hit T-Mobile — could that round out their holiday blitz?

As TmoNews points out, there are a couple of ways to interpret this statement and the site holds out hopes that it may still get the iPhone on a delayed release schedule, perhaps some time early next year.


Even though his phrasing seems pretty clear, the web is already a buzz with people considering the semantics of his remark: does he mean that T-Mobile is getting the iPhone 5 next year? The iPhone 5 isn’t coming to T-Mobile.

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