Samsung CEO: We Don’t Want Or Need HP’s webOS Software

Samsung decline  that it will enter negotiations with HP to buy its stricken mobile operating system webOS, after the company’s CEO Choi Gee Sung told reporters in Berlin that the company would “never” pursue a deal.

An insider has given us details from an all-hands meeting HP just held with employees in the webOS Global Business Unit in light of today’s announcement that HP will no longer make webOS devices. In the meeting.

“acquiring an operating system is becoming a fashion”, reiterating the company’s commitment to its own mobile operating system Bada – with Samsung recently releasing three new Bada 2.0 smartphones – noting that it was working hard to boost its software capability “hard than people outside think” told by  The Samsung chief.

Earlier this week, Digitimes released a report suggesting the Korean smartphone vendor was potentially targeting HP’s webOS platform after the computing giant announced it was to discontinue development of webOS devices. HP had previously confirmed it was in talks to license the webOS platform, with Samsung tipped as potential partners.

DeWitt said that there would be staff reductions, but told the team that the company needs people “that are serious about winning” and again reiterated HP’s commitment to developing webOS as a platform. Both DeWitt and Bradley were clear that the current business model of webOS wasn’t working primarily due to lackluster hardware, arguing that HP needed to stop “trying to force non-competitive products into the market.”

HP’s webOS operating system wasn’t the only thing Samsung have been linked with in the past week. The Korean electronics giant was also said to be considering a bid totakeover HP’s PC business but rumours were quashed after the company issued a statement noting it had “no intention” of making a move for the Hewlett-Packard’s computer-making arm.

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