Microsoft says Windows Phone Mango coming to Taiwan on September 16 reports that Microsoft has told Tech Days attendees in Taiwan that Windows Phone 7 Mangowill be made available in Taiwan on the 16th September 2011.

Exact details are not known as to how the update will be delivered, whether owners will be required to update via Microsoft’s Zune software or have to physically take their devices to specialist shops in the country to have their devices flashed by staff.

Unfortunately the update will not be rolled out OTA, but will require users to go to certain locations (such as shops) to get the software.

Rumours had pegged the Windows Phone update to hit on September 15, suggesting that the date could still be accurate as Microsoft could well begin its roll-out in Western regions first, before incorporating additional countries thereafter. Either way, the company should confirm or deny the rumour within the next 48 hours.

It seems everything is coalescing around September 15/16th, which I don’t think I need to remind our readers is in fact just tomorrow. Seems we will know pretty soon enough.

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