HP Delivers Private Beta Program Based On OpenStack Services

The announcement on HP’s Scaling the Cloud Compute and Cloud Object Storage services based on Open Stack,and comes just a month or so after HP released news that it would be supporting OpenStack in the first place.

The two infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) products in the just-launched beta program include HP Cloud Compute, which handles server instance deployment, and HP Cloud Object Storage, which will enable users to manage storage instances in the cloud. Because as we know, like bow ties and fezes, IaaS is cool. Well, at least it’s cool for a hardware company like HP, who wants to (a) sell lots o’ boxes, and (b) focus their attention on the enterprise now that they are re-thinking their consumer PC and mobile strategies.

The timing of the announcement was a little interesting, given that just last week Red Hat, in the course of announcing their latest cloud service project Aeolus, took several shots at OpenStack along the way.

Today’s launch of the beta program knocks at least one of those arguments off the table, though it’s hard not to wonder if perhaps HP and OpenStack stepped up their timing on the new HP IaaS program just a bit. A private beta is perfectly normal, after all, but it could also mean that all the bells and whistles in HP Cloud Services aren’t quite completely polished.

On a technical level, all of these cloud services have compelling features and frankly I think the competition is great for keeping pricing down at sane levels even as many companies face more IT cost-cutting in the face of another potential dip in the world economy. That may be the best argument of all.

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