6 Mobile HTML5 Games You Can Play On Your Smartphone For Free!!!

The demand of web apps is on the rise. Web apps hаνе come a long way іn thе last few years. The demand of web apps is on the rise аnԁ wіth thе dawn οf HTML5 even more complex, self-contained games аnԁ tools саn bе mаԁе. Smartphone manufacturers hаνе (οn thе whole) bееn qυісk tο ensure compatibility wіth thе nеw standards, ushering іn a nеw breed οf palm-sized entertainment. Nο app tο download means nο App Pile rules οr Market limitations, though don’t expect HTML5 efforts tο out-class native applications – аt Ɩеаѕt nοt fοr a small whіƖе уеt. Thіѕ list wіƖƖ hopefully demonstrate thе potential thаt HTML5 hаѕ οn a mobile device, аƖƖ whilst enjoying ѕοmе satisfying free games.

Here we discuss certain free HTML5 games that can be played on your smartphone.
All the games listed below can be played on any HTML5 mobile browser on Windows Phone7, Android etc. In case you are using iPhone, click on the middle button of Safari. To see full screen, select Add to Home Screen.

1.) Mafia Wars Atlantic City :

Zynga launched a mobile version of its Mafia Wars Atlantic City game today. The game is the social game company’s first designed for the mobile Web in the HTML5 format and comes as it’s seeking to show potential investors that it has more tricks up its sleeve than just social games on Facebook’s website.

Using HTML5 means Mafia Wars Atlantic City runs on any smartphone with a browser, including the iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and WebOS devices. That’s the beauty of HTML5 as opposed to Flash or native formats which are tied to particular phones. Zynga can create the game once and have it run on multiple platforms.

The new mobile Mafia Wars game game is playable on a mobile web site at m.mafiawars.com or can be downloaded from GetJar’s app store.

2.) Treasure Cube :

Treasure Cube is a wonderful hybrid of puzzles, riddles and some fine tuned treasure hunting, the result being an amazing concoction of all those elements that can make a game worth playing and enjoying. Once you solve all the puzzles and riddles, you need to make an exit from the house to complete the level of Treasure Cube.

A huge list of hidden thing in the game makes the game play even more exciting and keeps the players hooked on.

3 ) Lazors :

Simple games are often the best, and Lazors certainly couldn’t get much simpler (in principle, at least). Within the 30 levels included you will find tangled lasers, which appear as orange and red. Once a laser has been untangled it will turn green, and once all lasers are untangled the level is complete.

4 .) Castle Solitaire :

Castle Solitaire is a modified version of Beleaguered Castle Solitaire with rules that make it more likely a player will win the game. In Castle Solitaire, like Beleaguered Castle Solitaire the game begins with the player dealing the four aces into the center of the game as the foundations followed by the remaining 48 cards being dealt into 8 piles, one to the right and one to the left of each of the foundations.

Unlike in Beleaguered Castle Solitaire, Castle Solitaire allows the players to build the piles up or down regardless of suit. In Beleaguered Castle Solitaire the player may only build the piles down. This means a skilled player is much more likely to win.

5.) Nano Tanks :

It’s a simplistic 2D shooter whereby you must take out enemy tanks whilst avoiding obstacles and incoming fire. On the iPhone the game was tough to play in Safari, so I’d recommend adding it to your home screen for better (fullscreen) control.

Maneuver your tank across the tiny level to get to the exit. Collect stars and make Bottlecap time to score bonus ribbons and extras. Use your cannon to blast you in different directions if you get stuck or need to take your tank to new places!

6.) Spy Chase :

Spy Chase is an impressive HTML5 game packed with high-speed racing, guns, and spies. The game was developed by Mark Wilf, who is also responsible for other cool games such as Hyper Gunner and Wizard Wars.  Your goal is to race as fast as possible to catch the spy (black car) while blowing up cars and helicopters and collecting flags and health kits.  It runs perfectly on the iPhone and should work on other mobile devices with touch capability.

At the end I will say that HTML5 isn’t just a gaming device, but a whole new technology that’s improving our daily surfing experience…

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