How to Hack Bluetooth application:download bluetooth hacking

This article is answer to your question how to hack bluetooth of any other mobile. as we know bluetooth has the lowest security feature.With the help of super bluetooth hack application you can hack and control application of phone being hacked.

you can control

  • Informations: display informations about battery, network, sim card
  • Ringing: playing sounds of incoming call, alarm clock…
  • Calls: dialing number, ending a call..
  • Language: change language in phone
  • Keys, Pressed keys: pressing and watching pressed keys
  • Contacts
  • Reading SMS
  • Silent mode: turning on or off
  • Phone functionality: turning off the network / phone
  • Clock: change date and time
  • Phone locks
  • Change network operator
  • Java: start, delete java applications
  • Media Player
  • Text
  • SE applications
  • Calendar
  • Keys sound
  • Temperature
  • Volume
  • Memory status
  • Keylock

Download HERE: click to download

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